Akbuzat Hippodrome, Ufa

Address: Ufa, st. Mendeleyev, 217 A, the Republic of Bashkortostan
Phone: (347) 232-97-30, факс (347) 232-97-32

The Ufa hippodrome dates back to 1883. The Ufa hippodrome was named after a fairy-tale flying horse belonging, a hero of the Bashkir epos. It was designed and constructed between 1968 and 1982. Its completion was timed to coincide with 425 years of Bashkiria voluntarily joining Russia. The first competitions were carried out on July 26, 1982.

The builders have carried out colossal work at Akbuzat: it’s impossible to call it a reconstruction. Actually, a new facility was constructed, which, according to Ufa citizens, looks like a silver spaceship.

The renewed hippodrome features a number of unique construction techniques. For the first time in the world a unified drainage system was installed all around the oval Akbuzat. For the first time in Russia a four-storey building of the major spectator stands was constructed.

Mr. Yarovenko A.L., Director General of general contractor “Bashkorto-stanneftezavodstroy” handled Mr. Khairov T.G., Director General of Akbuzat, a symbolic key. Afterwards, all the participants of the opening ceremony had a chance to get acquainted with the miraculous building, as well as to see horse-riding competitions.

The multifunctional facility was defined to provide comfort to spectators of the competitions. Up to five thousand people can be inside the glass building, and additional 1,500 seats are found on outdoor spectator stands. The hippodrome features four tracks: the racecourse, covered with all-weather coating; turf, covered with granite chippings; asphalt technical; and training course, covered with sand. In the center of Akbuzat there are horse-jumping circuits and fields. The architectural ensemble also includes a universal riding hall with central heating and ventilation system (by the way today it hosts an international specialized exhibition “Uralstroyindustria”).

The territory of the hippodrome includes four stables, stunts on horseback school, therapeutic horse riding center, infirmary for horses, car parking. Akbuzat is proud of its antitrauma fencing along all the tracks, horse-jumping circuits and every field.

What we had yesterday, and what we will have tomorrow – these are the Earth and the sky. The central spectator stands of Akbuzat are designed for 4,000 seats. Among these seats there shall be a restaurant, public catering units, judge, commentator and separate spectator boxes, buffet, first aid room, souvenir kiosks and a number of service rooms, including two balconies for camera operators. A separate thing is a riding hall with built-in gyms for pentathlon and combat sports, stables for 240 horses together with the stunts on horseback school, hotel and entertainment complex. 

  • Akbuzat Hippodrome, Ufa
  • Akbuzat Hippodrome, Ufa
  • Akbuzat Hippodrome, Ufa
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